Thursday, February 10, 2011

every once in awhile

I like to be active and productive. I don't really like to sit still and I love the feeling of getting a lot accomplished...but every once in awhile, I wish my To-Do list looked more like this...


  1. Haha! LOVE IT! All of this snow has really messed with my motivation to get things done. Of course having the kids home from school again tomorrow (teacher retreat)doesn't help my *Clean the house* plan. Every time I can check something off my list, they seem to add 2-3 more things to it!

    Hope the family is doing well!

  2. Cute Blog and adoreable kids!!! Love it!!

  3. Love the list!! Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you win the book! I love Ree too as you probably noticed!! She is even sweeter that you could ever imagine in real life!