Thursday, March 23, 2017

awesome: what it is and what it isn't

If you are this particular 8th grader and this is your retainer, this is not awesome.
Our kids are living in such a digital age...this student asked me to take and picture and text it to his mom so she could get an appointment right away (and maybe give her time to cool down before he got to the car?).
Having an autoimmune flare? NOT awesome...the beginning of the week was tough stuff for me this week...and truth be told, for those around me. 

but the good always outweighs the bad...
AWESOME is all around us. 

Hot coffee in the most perfect mug (from one of my favorite friends) is totes awesome.

Cutting out a new quilt in the most perfect fabric? AWESOME!

Coming in to work and seeing love notes from students and coworkers that I share my desk with? Also, very awesome. 

Getting excited about having all quilt squares trimmed up and loving the color and pattern combinations? Yep. Awesome.

Taking Yoga and PiYo with a friend during times when my kids have swim practice? Awesome.
Not being as sore as I used to be after class? REALLY, REALLY AWESOME!

Getting the quilt blocks lined up and having your points meet? SO VERY AWESOME!

Getting to eat out in the middle of the week with my wonderful in-laws?
Curious though...are you "pro-steak fry" or "anti-steak fry"?

While looking for witty memes to use in this post, I found the most awesome cartoons of thyroids...these are really adorable.
Today I woke up feeling pretty human, there is a weekend around the corner, and I am counting on getting some sewing room time in this Sunday...all very awesome...

What is AWESOME in your life today?
-and seriously, steak fries...awesome or meh?

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