Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fried Rice...whoa, baby!

Get ready for the best fried rice you've ever had. It's big-time authentic because my dad learned how to make it while we were living in Japan. It doesn't come more "real" than that! Here is the basic formula we follow but this is a recipe is totally customizable, so feel free to change up the veggies and protein.

1 medium onion
1-2 green bell peppers
3/4 of a bag of baby carrots (I know, I know...not overly specific but it won't matter, promise!)
Soy Sauce (about 1/2-3/4 c plus more for serving)
6 eggs (or 4. or 8. however many eggs you want. tonight, I used 6)
2 cups long grain rice (not, I repeat, NOT instant)
1 pound of bacon

step. 1: cook the rice. You should do this the day before because gummy rice works best, but I didn't get to it yesterday and fresh rice will be fine. My basic rice recipe is 4 cups water and 2 cups rice. Bring up to a boil, cover, and simmer for 17 minutes and then fork-fluff.

step 2: dice bacon and then add to your pan. A wok is authentic, but I don't have one so I use a "chicken fryer" pan...any pan with a wide bottom (did I just hear a giggle?) and deep sides should work.

step 3: while the bacon is frying up, prep your veggies. Feel free to dice as large or as small as you want to, but for young kiddos, the smaller the veggie, the better. In fact, you can throw in your food processor and whiz them around until they are tiny little atoms of veggies. I diced my bell pepper, shredded my carrots, and I pulverized my onion. Why? Because I don't really like onion.

*true dad KNEW I hated onion and lied to me when he made this and said there was none in it. I caught him one day though and the trust has never been quite the same....sigh.

step 4: When the bacon is almost all brown, add your veggies in whatever state of being cut-up they might be in... it simply doesn't matter.
Look at that! Isn't is glorious? Can you smell how wonderful it smells?!

step 5: Once your veggies are soft and tender, your rice should also be almost done. When the rice is ready, toss it into the veggie/bacon medley. Jus your rice around and get it incorporated. It should look like this now...

step 6: Keep jus-ing your rice around the pan/wok and add 1/2 c of soy sauce. Or more. Certainly not less. I use Tamari brand because it is gluten free and my beloved Kikomen is not. You can't tell the difference. Go low sodium if you can (the bacon is already salty).
step 7: Once your rice is golden brown and mixed up well, push it to the sides forming a well in the center of your pan/wok.
step 8: Beat as many eggs as you want. I have done as few as 3 and as many as 8. My kids like the egg bits and its protein, so I add 'em. My husband also likes the eggs, so we are happy with more than less. Add the beaten egg to the center and let it ride until they start to scramble. Jus them around trying not to disturb your rice walls (it is NOT the end of the world if your rice wall crumbles...just push the rice back and move on).

step 9: When your egg is scrambled, break down the rice walls and mix it all up together. If your rice feels dry, add about 1/4 c more soy sauce.

It is so delicious. I've added bean sprouts before. I am pretty sure I've added broccoli. I am sure you can add some chicken. I bet you could add some beef. I would not add shrimp. Or pork. YOU could. I don't care for shrimp or pork (bacon? yes. pork? no. I know...I know...). If you truly hate the veggies I have above, go with something else. Make this your own! 

Dad, how'd I do?

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