Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 2017

All three kids have passed strep throat around the house over the last two weeks. While I hate seeing my kids not feeling their best, having the time with them at home is a little bit of a treat. It makes me excited for summer, when we will enjoy the down time of being at home with no agenda or alarm clock. The time at home has given me a little bit of sewing time in between changing linens, toothbrushes, and bleaching doorknobs.
For instance, I finished this quilt front. Actually, this isn't the finished top after all. After I took this picture, I saw some flaws and had to rip it apart and rebuild. Better picture to come!
I also worked on my block of the month. 
This month's skill was the orange peel. I loved learned a new technique and I certainly came away with ideas for the next time I am faced with this sort of pattern. I am also looking at light boxes for better placement...these aren't the easiest and I will welcome practice in the future. 

There have been a few swim meets over the winter months and though I can't quilt at the pool, I can look for inspiration in between events.
Look at these neat ideas...we are about to tackle redecorating the kid rooms and these ideas are on my mind.
Emma Kate's dresser is going to get repainted over Spring Break and this green makes me swoon. The closet doors with medallions under the handles SCREAMS "Caroline" to me. 
I also have high hopes that we will get the attic refinished in the next year or two (a real-life sewing space? could I ever be so lucky?!) and these steps leading up to the finished space?! Yes! Please!

It is Lent season for us, which means meat-free Friday night dinners. Though it has been warm, I still crave soup. I've made a huge batch of Ina's Roasted Tomato soup for us to pull out of the freezer for lunches and dinners.
Does your grocery store sell fresh herbs ? Most do, but they come in plastic clam-shell packages or perhaps you can buy the whole plant. 
My local Lowe's Foods has a cutting garden. It is so wonderful! You grab a little ziploc, cut what you want, and it is only $.99. I filled this bag up with basil and thyme. 

Look at this I was coming back from yet another swim practice, this huge hawk was chillin' on my street sign. He let me get out of the car, approach, and take a ton of pictures before he got annoyed and flew away. GORGEOUS!

As I wrap up the week of illness (I think we are ALL going back to school tomorrow) I am getting reading to start a few more quilts. I found this picture of a finished one but cannot find an actual pattern anywhere...let me know if you find one! 
Don't you love it?

Happy March!

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  1. Love your ideas for the kiddos bedrooms! Glad to have a little update on your blog. I always like seeing how the kids are doing and what projects you are up to! Hope everyone is feeling better!