Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Pizza Buns

I am sure you know what cinnamon buns are but have you heard of pizza buns?
These are THE perfect lunch if you have picky lunch-eaters...you know the type...dump the lunches in the trash, complain about yet another sandwich, and make trades at the lunch table behind your back.
These make up quickly and get individually packaged and tossed into the freezer. When you pack up the lunchbox, you toss in a serving of these and by lunch they are thawed and delicious. Even Matthew likes them. 
I am giving you the basic pizza recipe, but I've changed it several times and made many variations (ham and cheddar, peanut better and jam, roast beef and swiss...you can just put anything in this dough that you like!).

Here is the recipe that I use..her directions and pictures are easy to follow and this makes the best, fool-proof dough!

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