Friday, March 24, 2017


I am hoping that Sam has an inquiring mind that needs to know how things work. Maybe he will pursue engineering. That would explain why the brush I use to apply blush had the handle removed from the bristles. It would explain a lot of mysteries around the house, in fact.

For Christmas, my sweet friend bought me an oil diffuser. I LOVE it and use it in various rooms. I especially love to use it with peppermint oil when I can feel a migraine coming on. It makes the house smell great and I do find that it does help with headaches.

The other day I used it in the kitchen. Sam was amazed, enthralled, and drawn to the cool mist that it was putting out. I kept shooing him away and moving it back on the counter, and when I would turn around, there he was again.

Is this a "boy" thing or just my boy?

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