Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Quilt, New Camera, New Hamster

I am quilting this one up this weekend and so I needed to snap a few pictures.
I am trying out a new is wifi enabled which should make getting pictures to the blog easier...but learning a new camera takes away from quilting time.
These are straight out of the camera and I am not loving it. They are a bit washed out and not at all vibrant.
I am sure that is photographer error...

It is such a bright quilt and so beautiful in person, so I really struggle with getting what I can see here for you to see.
In other news, we welcomed Lewis to the family this weekend. He has more personality than I could imagine a hamster could! EK is smitten and I love that. She said he was the best birthday gift ever!
This was also taken on the new camera. 
Sigh. Something new to learn...

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