Friday, April 28, 2017

Chevron Quilt: Persia from Free spirit

I've wanted to do a chevron quilt for awhile and when I saw the new Persia fabric collection from FreeSpirit, I knew it would perfectly show off these prints! While I normally use pastel fabrics, these rich jewel tones instantly appealed to me. They are warm and rich and will be perfect in the fall.

 photo 916937D4-7DC3-49BD-8A45-BF9DF2E1DBB3.jpg

I tried some new things while I was creating this quilt. I decided to round off the corners for a new look. WOW! Can I tell you how rounding off quilt corners is not only a fresh look as most quilts edges are square but it is a fantastic way to avoid mitered corners if that is a skill you have yet to master. It's perfect if you want to quickly get the biding done (I found it to be much faster) and move on to your next project while ensuring a beautiful finish. 
I do not have a formal pattern for this but I based this chevron pattern on an arrow quilt I've seen online. Instead of putting a border in between the colors vertically as you would for an arrow head design, I placed my sashing horizontally to give me a true chevron look. These chevron shapes are made from half-square triangles. This is not a new concept in any way, but it is the first time I made a quilt without a formal pattern in my hands. 
Not only did I try a new skill with rounded corners, but I opted to piece my back for the first time!

 photo 7E91FFB2-9E35-4416-8CB9-DCEAC1E8B1CB.jpg
I knew I wanted to use the rich, vibrant jade green but I also wanted to try something new! I decided to slice my backing fabric both lengthwise and width wise and added a strip of white fabric to create a cross shape (I was making this over Easter). 

 photo 5DC5D52B-D5BE-48ED-8AAB-511BAAA4AE13.jpg
When quilting this, I opted to mirror the chevron shape with my stitching. I used the edge of my walking foot and followed the fabrics as well as make straight lines on the sashing. 

 photo 724F2886-B382-46C9-9F6E-82B4F6D8D2D2.jpg
These colors are bright, vibrant, and remind me of fall, my favorite season. I can imagine curling up with this yummy quilt on the first cool day. 
This fabric is available now; here are some of the fabrics up close for better viewing:
I have just enough left to make a zippered pouch out of some of the scraps from this project, which is great as I am planning on gifting this quilt away (Mother's Day is right around the corner....shhhh).
Thank you Free Spirit for letting me play with these gorgeous fabrics! I loved them and as always, Free Spirit fabrics are soft, colorfast (I've already washed this quilt and the dark fabrics did not bleed onto the white), not see through, and hold up to washings.

 photo f0d861a3-6502-460c-8d45-b5f6a3fa8e3e.jpg

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