Saturday, April 1, 2017

things I love

This fabric collection, Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey, has been one of my all time favorite lines. EVER. 

Free Spirit re-released it and I got my hands on a few yards! Fat Quarter Shop carries it and I am using it to make a snail trail quilt.

There are SO many great quilt patterns out there and I love that you can get these as pdf files. I print them in color and put them in a paper sleeve protector and keep them in a (pink) binder. 
I can't cut this one out yet because I have so many other projects to finish up, but I am so excited to work with this delicious set of fabrics.

Side note...when I grade papers, I often listen to 70s easy listening music. I've had a lot to grade lately and that equals a lot of music. I know that I've spent too much time on this ridiculous, sappy music because when this fabric arrived, I instantly thought of Air Supply..."I've been loving you too long..."
Oy vey!
now you're singing it too, aren't you?

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