Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sunday Funday

This Sunday, we all got to do what we wanted. The Spring weather was beautiful, the pollen wasn't quite as bad, and we got most of our chores done on Saturday. We started the day off with bacon and homemade waffles, a cinnamon dolce latte, and laziness. Matt played golf with a friend, the girl's had lunch outside, I got in some sewing, Sam made a pillow fort for Mario and Luigi, and the kids and I took a bike ride-nature walk.
Remember that fabric that I loved? The fabric I said I couldn't cut into because I had so many unfinished projects going on at once? 
I don't think Bowser stands a chance.
There aren't a lot of pictures of Sam from the ride and walk. A few months ago, Sam took a big tumble...he was going down the hill and hit a rock. He flew over the handle bars and landed head-first onto the pavement. He has been shaken badly and today was the first time he has been back on the bike. It wasn't easy...he cried and pleaded for us to stay home but in the end, had a successful ride.
I know I can do a million things in Photoshop to adjust the lighting and colors, but she is so stinking cute, I rushed to get these as-is for the blog.
When I say there had to be millions of tadpoles in motion at the lake, I am underestimating. I have half a mind to return with a mason jar and let these hatch in an old aquarium...the day isn't over yet...
 photo 288f064e-9ab2-4778-ab71-b80c082a7a7e.jpg

 photo 1347d043-6d44-4b73-8111-a22b1dd4b284.jpg
Also stinkin' cute and looking quite old...
 photo 35ef61c1-7838-42dd-9983-95d1104c6640.jpg
When the last few months have been filled with non-stop activity and obligations, days like this are SUCH a treat. 

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