Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lucy 2017

These are old pictures from my blog. It kills me to look back at pictures of my children. Being at home with them when the most difficult decision I had to make was what to make for lunch and the biggest fight on my hand was getting shoes on was a very sweet part of my life. I want to freeze time and I want to go back. 
I dug for these because tomorrow is the time that we will need to say good bye to our Jack Russell, Lucy. I found her on the side of the road almost 13 years ago. She has been a survivor. Truly scrappy. In her hay -day, you couldn't tire her out. She would catch the ball until you were sick of throwing it. She'd dart out of any open door and you'd have to chase her for a few miles to catch her (no exaggeration). Over the last year, we've seen her healthy decline. She's not eating much at all, she's lost weight, and has a lot of mysterious lumps and bumps. She lost her hearing and eyesight over a year ago and bladder control shortly after. Her quality of life has drastically diminished and she is now noticeably uncomfortable. 
My heart breaks for her and for that of my children, whom we will have to explain this to. There is never a right time. We've been lucky to have such a fun pet and I hope that in time, pictures like this will only bring a smile.
Lucy, you've been a wonderful dog. Thank you for loving us.

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