Thursday, April 20, 2017

Paige's Passion: Dad's Bowtie Quilt

I got really treated to something pretty special...Riley Blake sent me fabric of a new line before it is released later this month. Instantly I knew that it was the perfect fabric to use to make a quilt that I've been dying to create...Dad's Bowtie Quilt from the Polka Dot Chair. In fact, as soon as I opened the box, I went straight to Melissa's website and ordered the pattern!

Paige's Passion is so beautiful and reminds me a Springtime in North Carolina. Everywhere you look there are azaleas blooming, bulbs sprouting up, and pollen. The colors are both vibrant and soft and the fabric itself it everything you've come to love about Riley Blake...high quality and soft to the touch.

I followed the pattern step-by-step and it wasn't nearly as daunting as I thought it might be!
 photo C1726C7E-AF8F-4100-8121-4AC3EE4039D4.jpg
I used four prints from the line for my contrasting fabrics, Riley Blake solid white for my background, and Riley Blake Sunshine (a butter yellow) for the backing.
 photo 7D98AE7C-A6E0-46EB-A136-F6090AF3CF32.jpg
Laying out the bows and not having them repeat too often became an obsession. I must have moved and laid out the quilt thirty times. I finally looked at Melissa's quilt front and you know what? Her quilt had some repeats and diagonals touching like prints. It's OK! It's still beautiful! 
If it is good enough for Melissa, it is surely good enough for me!
 photo 623C66FB-33CF-4A92-A785-B8EB8904CC47.jpg
The pattern has two options when it comes to the large border; using pinwheels in the corners or making the border a solid strip. I really worked hard on my pinwheels and loved the patterns in them, so I  opted to use them.
 photo 9FEB1BCA-DFFD-4CAA-949E-5017283D55D3.jpg
I haven't loved a line of fabric this much in a really, really long time. This aqua with the pink flowers is amazing! 
 photo 970D95AF-655B-4C76-805C-DFE78B3EA422.jpg
Because I am still very new to quilting, I opted to straight-line quilt it. I thought about getting out a marking pen and ruler to make my lines perfect and even, but opted instead to make it very organic. I used the edge of my walking foot as a guide. At times the lines are a little wonky and off but I think it gives the quilt a little personality. With so many straight lines in the design, I think the lines being a bit wavier break up the harsh edges. 
 photo 2E3C89AA-10DC-459F-9F22-B04E77BFB56D.jpg
I will say this...straight-line quilting takes a lot of time. 
 photo BAC249A2-62A9-4F4F-A8AE-B4E46471DC0A.jpg
I prefer hand binding and cuddled up to a few episodes of Mr. Selfridge and before I knew it, the quilt was ready for the wash.

As soon as I took the quilt out of the dryer I ran to look Lila Tueller up on social media. I HAD to tell her how much I loved her work. I wanted her to see how excited I was for the launch. She is so sweet and showed me some of her projects, too! Fabric brings the nicest people into my life!

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