Wednesday, April 5, 2017


This is the Yeti of water bottles. The Hydroflask keeps ice in my water for at least 24 hours. I use it daily and LOVE it!

Coffee is a big part of my day. I drink my coffee piping hot and don’t like it lukewarm. The Yeti keeps it that way for several hours and it is a staple in my day!

At Starbucks in the summer, I get the Shaken Passion Tea with sugar free vanilla’s such a treat. I bought the ingredients and am going to try making them at home this summer!

I have these shoes (Emery Flat) from the J.Crew Factory Store in both clay and black. They take a good while to break them in, but they are SO cute! Very dressy and they elongate the foot making me feel more slender. They remind me of something Laura Petrie would’ve worn on the Dick Van Dyke show.

I eat these every morning with a Greek yogurt. They are filling, sweet, and come in a few varieties. I look forward to these and my first cup of coffee every morning.


This is my new favorite facial scrub. It has very fine particles and doesn’t scrub is silky smooth and you leave it on for a full minute. When rinsed, your skin is a little brighter and softer.

Bobbi Brown smells like summer and sunscreen. I wear it on and off year ‘round and adore it.

I just took the girls for their first pedicure and this is the color I had put on my’s called “Hotter than You”. It’s a pretty neutral pink and I am ready to paint my fingernails in this shade too.

Every Christmas, my mother in law, Margie puts a Black Honey in my stocking. It is one of my favorite yearly gifts. It is the best color...sheer with a berry tint.

Up until now, I’ve been quilting with Warm and White, which I love, but I just recently received Dream Cotton from Quilter’s Dream and I love it! It’s a little thicker without being higher loft. I am using it on my next quilt!

Yellow is one of my favorite springtime colors and this necklace from Target combines the Yellow I love with turquoise, which I also love!

Chik-Fil-A Vanilla Shake and Fries
Sometimes, I just need to give into the cravings and make this my lunch
I even have a favorite blog lately, too! Amy Smart is my quilting superhero. If she suggests it, I do it. If she uses it, I order it. If she has a technique, I adhere to it. I adore her taste and color choices. I love her patterns. She is just lovely!

In case you didn’t know who Laura Petrie was...check out the Sloan pant from Banana Republic. Pair it with a sweater and the ballet flats above and you have Laurie Petrie (and my school uniform. seriously, I have each in several colors and just rotate).

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