Tuesday, June 16, 2009

day 2

On Friday, the kids and I headed to my parents. While Mom was showing me the back yard and garden, Caroline decided to run through the sprinklers. I think she had a great time and before long, all three kids were soaked and exhausted...what a great evening (no wonder they went to bed so easily!).
We tried to get her to play in the sprinklers last year with no success, but this year Caroline loved them!

I was really glad to get this expression with the camera...I see it from him all the time and it is hard to describe, but cute to me

Emma was quite the Papa's girl while we were visiting. She wouldn't go to anyone, including me, when he was holding her

Emma also loved climbing up and down the steps of the deck

Sam was visibly upset when I sat Emma Kate next to him

"Oh yeah, you don't want me here?" that's fine...

"I'll show you..."

"So there!" these little biting fights break out all the time lately

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