Friday, June 19, 2009

day 4: wrapping it up

You have to go back home sometime, right? After several days of fun, we were ready to come back. Before we left, we got to see M and Doc at the beach (Matt's parents were there with the Durak group for their annual week at the beach), play with some new toys that Caroline conned Nonna into, and eat some more. What a wonderful few days and what a wonderful family I have- Pinch me! Caroline and Nonna feeding the babies
she has pretty extensive experience already

laid back

Sam...the clown as always
the sand and sun...just before the sky opened up and we got rained in. literally.

Gigi and Gramps came to say, "good bye" and Gigi got to color (what does it say about me that I first typed, "good buy" ?)

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