Saturday, June 27, 2009

under contruction

We knew we wanted to update a few things once we were settled in this new house...we are finally "settled" two years after moving in and we have started updating the downstairs. My Dad is up right now and helped us (really, he did all the work while we helplessly watched) rip up the old floors and put down some new ones. He also assisted (again, mostly him) us in putting up a new ceiling fan. Things are starting to take shape and look great. We are so grateful for his time, talent, and treasure! Once the new furniture comes and the house is cleaned from top to bottom, I will really be in love! I wasn't prepared for just how messy this process would be, nor did I intend on one of the children being sick while this was going on, but everyone was in good spirits amidst the chaos (what keepers I have!). Thanks really ARE the best!
Sam honestly sat there watching for two solid hours. Honest! is this ever going to end?
really, ever?getting along...a nice change of pace!

before and after pictures coming soon

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  1. LOVE the floors - can't wait to see them in person. Also, I hope that Luke did not infect one of your sweet children!