Monday, June 15, 2009

A great trip

Matt's annual golf trip to Myrtle Beach was this week, so the kids and I packed up and headed east. We saw my parents, grandparents, and Matt's parents over the few days we were gone. It was a very easy, laid back trip and it did us all good to have a change of scenery. The kids really enjoyed the extra attention and getting spoiled and I liked having the extra hands.

We spent the first night with my grandparents and then the others with my parents. I took so many pictures (imagine that!), that I will have to post them by days, so here is our first day of our mini vacation with Gigi and Gramps. We had a great dinner the first night and the next day went to the Lynnwood Zoo in Jacksonville (who knew?). Thanks for having us, it was wonderful!
Gramps and Emma Kate feeding Billy, the goat

watching the doves

the love birds

"Come here, baby. I have a little treat for you." Caroline was excited to see an animal so close to the fence.

Caroline and Mommy by the Zebra

feeding the antelope

most of the family at the Lynnwood Zoo
"so sweet"

the look of trouble to come

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