Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I have to start this post off with wishing Matthew a very Happy Father's Day. He has been a wonderful Daddy to our three precious ones; patient, kind, loving, and fun (these are all especially appreciated when I am lacking in these areas). I would have failed many, many times over the last few years had it not been for him, so once again, Happy Father's Day hon!
I also want to wish Doc a Happy Father's Day. Matt's Dad is one amazing guy. He is loved by everyone (including me!) and rightfully to be around, witty, smart, can talk about anything, knows about everything, and is clever. Whether it's playing cards or hanging out at the "Doc's Inn", we love being around him!
Now I get to talk about my wonderful Dad. What a, easy to talk to, easy to be around, a great grill master, the perfect handy man, a terrific grandfather (I mean, really terrific), and just an all-around-great-guy. Did I mention how handy he was? He is the tops when it comes to usefulness around the house...just the best! He can work wonders with tile, lighting, painting, decking, landscaping, and probably flooring. What a guy (am I laying it on thick enough? can you detect the ever so subtle hints within my flattery?)! Love you Papa Bear!

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