Wednesday, June 17, 2009

day 3: aquarium

On Saturday we all went to the aquarium. While I was glad to go and see the fish, I was even more excited about the Dairy Queen window that has opened since I had been last. We all had a blast...Caroline even touched a horseshoe crab and ray! After naps and and changes of clothes, we had a cookout and another round of sprinkler play...another wonderful day!Allie and close as she'll ever come to having a cat for a pet

trying to get our picture in front of the shark tank

ocean petting zoo

Nonna (my Mom) with her girls

sharing ice cream at the Dairy Queen

tired crew on the way home; Gramps holding hands with the twins

1 comment :

  1. your grandpa holding the twins' hands is TOO precious!!!'re in emerald isle, right?

    so sad...we'll be there next week with bart's fam.