Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boys are different

What you can see from these pictures is that I was trying to get a good shot of the kids in their Cancun shirts from my parents. You can see that I was posing them on the sofa. You can see that Sam refuses to sit down and most of the time isn't even looking at the camera. What you can't see are the crazy arm motions I am making in an effort to get a smile from them (or eye contact for that matter). You can't see that in between each shot, I reposition Sam to sit next to his sisters. You also can't see that I bribed the kids with snacks for a smile, that Sam pulled Caroline's hair twice, or that he almost fell off the couch twice. I had to settle for these few pictures because he photo shoot needed to come to an end.
Here are a few comical conversations that I had with Caroline in the last 24 hours:
Caroline (in the bath): Mommy, girls have yoo-hoos, right?
Mommy: yep
Caroline: boys don't have yoo-hoos, right?
Mommy: nope, they don't
Caroline: Does Daddy have a yoo-hoo?
Mommy: Daddy is a boy. Only girls have yoo-hoos.
Caroline: Oh! That's right! Boys have peanuts!
While getting the twins some crackers and ham and Caroline a Dora yogurt, a sandwich, a purple spoon, and chips, this conversation ensued:
Caroline: Mommy! I want a fresh drink!
Mommy: I'm working as fast as I can...and you didn't use nice girl manners
Caroline: you are a naughty Mommy! You don't do the right things and when you do do the right things, they aren't fast enough!
are you kidding? luckily, it made me giggle to myself instead of wanting to sell her to the gypsies.

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